Nov 19, 2012
Partners react to the presidential election results

GlobeMed’s Partner Organizations React to 2012 Presidential Election Results

As President Obama won re-election on November 6th, many around the world were also glued to the TV set. We asked our partner organizations for their reactions to the results. Though the majority were pleased with the results, many acknowledged that the celebrations were more subdued than those four years ago in recognition of the challenges that lie ahead.

Check out what some of our partner organizations had to say!

“The Obama re-election was an issue here but not as much as last time around (2008). Some of us woke up early to listen to the debates, but feared that Mitt Romney was making a come back and the media in the USA made it like it was too too tight to call. Then, to our relief, we learnt that Obama had won Ohio and Mitt Romney had conceded. I saw quiet cerebrations [sic] – no rallies. Our support for Obama comes from many facts: 1) his African roots; 2) Simple upbringing as well depicted in his book - Dreams of My Father; 3) His policies especially for the middle class; 4) His beautiful family. However, we don’t expect much from him or his administration as we know that even back home America is struggling, and he has that divided senate. That said, we hope that although the money won’t be coming away way [sic], he can prevail over African leaders on issues of democracy. In general, we are increasingly learning that our destiny lies in our hands!!”

                                                                                                  – Peter Waiswa
Uganda Development and Health Associates, partnered with GlobeMed at WashU in St. Louis
Iganga, Uganda

“After months of campaigns, debates, political analysis and many speeches American people now voted Obama for more 4 years [sic]; as young people activist [sic] on human rights and global health particularly to promote access to medicines, treatment and prevention to the poor community and to the vulnerable group I am very happy for the next more 4 years [sic]. I grew up in rural areas of Rwanda where I found more people suffering because of inability to pay for medical treatment and medicines. I found many women dying of maternal mortality, I found many people living very far from the health clinics struggling to reach clinics especially women for delivering, that is why I chosen to work as an activist promoting access to medicines and access to treatment.

Following the American campaigns, especially, Republican National Convention (RNC) in Tampa; I have been chocked [sic] by the Republicans especially Romney and Ryan who were not supporting safe abortion as public health issues and as women’s rights; I also disappointed [sic] with them not supporting LGBTI rights, and made me to be anxious of the Romney administration in the next 4 years after saying that he is going to repeal Obamacare.

As an activist working with Health Development Initiative (HDI), an organization striving to improve both the quality and accessibility of health care to the vulnerable people, I was very happy after Obama’s re-election announcement but I have been very happy again after his victory speech which is promising for the future as an activist. The following quotes of his victory speech inspired me: “I return to the White House more determined and more inspired than ever about the work there is to do and the future that lies ahead. Tonight you voted for action, not politics as usual”. I know that he have [sic] been elected as American president but I always know that American politics is always interesting and will always touch international policies and plans. I followed everything for that election and at the end I have been very happy to find that the next 4 more years we have an American President who is promoting global health issues and access to treatment for all as well as who is promoting human rights all over the world.”

                                                                        – Cassien Havugimana
Health Development Initiative, partnered with GlobeMed at Lawrence University
Kigali, Rwanda

“Most Nigerians believe an Obama presidency would ensure World Peace because of the antecedents of Democrats. For them, a Romney presidency would surely bring war.”

                                                           – Adegboyega Oderinde
Village Health Relief Initiative, partnered with GlobeMed at University of Pennsylvania
Lagos, Nigeria

Written by Harika Rayala



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