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GlobeMed at Amherst College partners with Pastoral de la Salud in Cuscatlán, El Salvador to improve access to high quality health education and care for 47 communities.

GlobeMed at Amherst College + Pastoral de la Salud


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Key Fact
Cuscatlán and the rest of El Salvador are undergoing an epidemiological transition in their disease burden. It is now possible to see malnutrition and stunted growth side by side with childhood obesity, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

“Our partner organization is an incredibly effective, professional organization, and we feel privileged that they have agreed to work with us [...] We are engaged in what we hope is a more or less equal partnership, founded on solidarity.”
– Ethan Balgley, Amherst College ’12

“It makes us happy that there are people with the social sensitivity and the interest to work towards helping others improve their living conditions.”
– Mercedes Tejada, Pastoral de la Salud

About the Partnership
Founded in 2010, GlobeMed at Amherst partners with Pastoral de la Salud in Cuscatlán, El Salvador to improve access to high quality health education and care for 47 communities, and to advocate for their human right to health. Pastoral de la Salud began their work in the early 1990s, delivering health care to civilian populations in civil war-torn areas. Pastoral de la Salud is a coalition of 12 parishes that attends to a total of 47 communities. Through the work of volunteers and community health workers, Pastoral provides health education, prevention, and natural medicine, placing a focus on children’s health from pre-natal care through age five.

The organization also serves as a hub for community organizing, mobilizing communities to advocate for their human right to health care. Since the fall of 2010, GlobeMed at Amherst has raised over $16,000 to support Pastoral’s community health worker training initiatives and an income generation project for local youth.

This year, GlobeMed at Amherst aims to support a series of trainings for community health workers. Pastoral holds bimonthly workshops that are designed to empower and strengthen the capabilities of its community health workers, leading them to become agents of change in their work areas.

The workshops will include both theoretical and practical training, covering a range of topics that include human right to health, food security and nutrition, vulnerability to natural disasters, family medicine, and Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses (IMCI).

This project will have a direct impact on the community by empowering 57 health promoters who are the point of contact between Pastoral and the population in the Cuscatlán area.

Get Involved
Read GlobeMed at Amherst College’s annual report and donate to their cause. Interested in joining the chapter? Contact amherst@globemed.org.

  1. 2010-2011 Annual Report
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