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GlobeMed at Bethel partners with Rural Economic Development Association (REDA) in Svay Rieng, Cambodia to support sanitation/hygiene and income generation initiatives.

GlobeMed at Bethel University + REDA

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GlobeMed at Bethel University | Arden Hills, Minnesota

Rural Economic Development Association (REDA) | Svay Rieng, Cambodia

Key Fact
REDA provides capacity building and public health services to four Health Centers, eight communes and 80 villages throughout the Svay Rieng District of Cambodia.

“We believe these young people will bring energy and new ideas to the village communities. … We expect they will have some ownership of the projects they are involved with as they have been discussing the needs of the villagers and getting to know something about REDA and the people REDA desires to help most, the poorest families in Svay Rieng.”
Mr. Or Chanthan, REDA Staff Member

About the Partnership
The Rural Econonmic Development Association (REDA) was established on August 15th, 1993 in the Svay Rieng, Cambodia. REDA provides social support and counseling to people living wth HIV/AIDS and suffering chornic illnesses. Programs facilitated by REDA include: Integrated Care and Prevention teams, agriculture skills for improved livelihood, health system strengthening, vocation training for young adults, water & oral rehydration, and orphanage housing/educational training for 36 children. REDA’s supports households in becoming self-sufficient, thereby securing their basic human rights to health and economic livelihood.

By raising $20,000, GlobeMed at Bethel University and REDA aim to serve and empower the local community of Svay Rieng, Cambodia. GlobeMed at Bethel will support a few key projects. First, GlobeMed at Bethel will fund water pumps and latrines, which will help prevent water-borne illnesses, dehydration, and diarrhea. Second, GlobeMed at Bethel will support on income-generate project focused on raising and maintaining livestock and vegetable gardens. Beneficiaries will also participate in a three-day on-site small business training to teach necessary skills for effective business management. Lastly some funding will be allocated to the REDA orphanage center to provide educational materials, clothing and food for the children. Because of the many deaths in the community attributed to HIV/AIDS, many children are left without a family to care for them. These funds will help the 36 orphaned and vulnerable children at REDA receive an education and a hope for the future.

GlobeMed at Bethel University aims to raise $20,000 to improve sanitation/hygiene and income generation initiatives in Svay Rieng, Cambodia. Through partnership with Rural Economic Development Association (REDA), the disbursment of mircro loans and the installation of water pumps and latrines will greatly increase economic opportunity and reduce the adverse effects of water borne illnesses, respectively.

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  1. 2011-2012 Annual Report

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