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GlobeMed at CU - Boulder partners with Himalayan HealthCare to improve the health of communities in impoverished regions of Nepal.

GlobeMed at CU - Boulder + HHC


GlobeMed at University of Colorado-Boulder | Boulder, Colorado

Himalayan HealthCare (HHC) | Jawalakhel, Nepal

Key Fact
Himalayan HealthCare has been rated 5 out of 5 stars by the government of Nepal as one of the most effective non-profit organization in the country.

“My GROW internship to Nepal allowed me to fully grasp why we, GlobeMed and Himalayan HealthCare, work so hard. What we strive for is more than just a change. It’s a commitment to the world and a commitment to humanity. I am forever tied to this movement.”
– Navodita Kc, CU-Boulder ’11

About the Partnership
HHC is a grassroots NGO that provides primary health care, community education, and income generation to people living in remote and impoverished regions of Nepal. HHC believes that the three-prong approach of primary health care, community education and income generation is the best way to address poverty and illness. Education is invaluable part of the solution realized through the tri-prong approach and HHC strives to educate rural villagers in not only literacy skills but in family planning, nutrition and other aspects that affect health. In the Dhading district alone, HHC sponsors 24 students in 5 different schools with tuition and school supplies. HHC supports 3 students from these rural areas within their higher studies to gain further medical business trainings in Kathmandu Universities. HHC also catalyzes entrepreneurial projects in its communities that generate income, including handicraft production in partnership with the US-based JeevanKala that has generated employment for over 1000 rural women and additional income to sustain some of HHC’s programs.

GlobeMed at CU-Boulder and HHC aim to support 25-35 students across the three villages of Tipling, Sherthung, and Lapa to in their educational goals so they can become future leaders in their communities. GlobeMed at CU-Boulder will also support improving school infrastructures, school land and school resources (computers, library books, and classroom furniture) and will work to improve the learning environment for students of all ages across the Dhading district. High achieving students who would like to further their education in medicine or business will receive continued support in a Kathmandu University.

GlobeMed at CU-Boulder aims to raise $30,000 to directly support local programs focused in preventative health, community education, and income generation to benefit lower-caste households in the three most remote communities (Tipling, Sherthung, and Lapa) in the Dhading District of Nepal. Through supporting these three project categories, GlobeMed in partnership with HHC strives to strengthen local voices and increase educational opportunities paired with tangible solutions to sustain individuals in the long run. Preventative Health programs pair education with the construction of latrine and cookstove structures. Community Education programs support and encourage younger generations to attend local schools through student stipends and sponsorships, rewarded based on family circumstances and indication of need. Older community members can also attend weekly women’s empowerment educational seminars, discussing topics like disease prevention, proper nutrition and business ownership. Income Generation programs like tool-making workshops, animal husbandry and artisan handicrafts support families and households to gain economic opportunities. Lastly, the Medical Referral program supports individuals who require attention from larger medical facilities in major cities, due to severe illness, injury or medical conditions like epilepsy, severe anemia or heart malfunctions. Support for this program includes transportation costs for a 3-4 days travel to Dhading or Kathmandu, housing, hospital stays and necessary treatment to ensure full recovery.

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Read GlobeMed at CU-Boulder’s annual report and donate here or here to their cause. Interested in joining the chapter? Contact cuboulder@globemed.org.

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