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GlobeMed at Emory partners with the MAP Foundation in Chiang Mai, Thailand to support sanitary working and health conditions for Burmese migrant workers in Thailand.

GlobeMed at Emory University + MAP Foundation

GlobeMed at Emory

GlobeMed at Emory University | Atlanta, Georgia

Migrant Assistance Program (MAP) Foundation | Mae Sot, Thailand

Key Fact
Approximately 3 to 4 million Burmese migrants live in Thailand. MAP Foundation runs two community radio stations and one emergency house for Burmese migrants.

“University students are people who will make changes for a better global society including safe migration. MAP Foundation wants to provide opportunity for this active generation to learn the situation of migration and wants to raise understanding and awareness relevant to migration issues to them.”
– Ms. Kanchana Di-ut, MAP Foundation Program Director

About the Partnership
MAP Foundation (Migrant Assistance Program) seeks to empower migrant communities from Burma who are living and working in Thailand. MAP was established in 1996 and has been working to improve migrant rights in the fields of health, labor, and women’s rights. MAP works towards a vision of the future where people from Burma have the right to stay securely within their home country and to migrate safely, and where the human rights and freedoms of all migrants are fully respected and observed.

GlobeMed at Emory aims to raise $4000 to help Burmese migrants access healthcare in Thailand and prevent their exploitation in the workforce. GlobeMed at Emory will support the operations of an Emergency House that provides shelter and support for migrants and their families who have travelled to Chiang Mai for medical care.

Burmese migrants in Thailand unfortunately do not live in a hospitable environment. They are at the mercy of Thai workers, living in constant fear of detention and deportation, with minimal financial security. Given the daily discrimination, high cost of healthcare, and language barriers, migrants do not receive accessible healthcare and are the victims of limited healthcare rights. However, migrants continue to flee the Burma regime in the hope of freedom and stability and the possibility of change in Thailand. GlobeMed provides a stepping stone for this change.

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  1. 2011-2012 Annual Report

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