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GlobeMed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology is partnered with Hope Through Health (HTH) to provide comprehensive health care services to communities in northern Togo.

GlobeMed at MIT + Hope Through Health

GlobeMed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Boston, Massachusetts

Hope Through Health | Kara, Togo

Key Fact
Togo ranks 139 of 169 on the Human Development Index, with 62% of its population living in poverty.

“We are continually motivated by students’ energy and enthusiasm for our work and believe strongly that enlisting new supporters in the movement for global justice is the most effective way to sustain our efforts over the long term. We recognize that Togo is a small, relatively unknown part of the world. Thus we engage in efforts to expand the network of individuals with knowledge of and a connection to Togo in an effort to build solidarity with our partners there.”
– Jon Lascher, Outreach Coordinator of HTH

About the Partnership

Since 2004, Hope Through Health (HTH) has collaborated with a community-based association of people living with HIV/AIDS to provide comprehensive health care services at four clinics in northern Togo. Hope Through Health believes that communities can transform the dynamics of health care delivery. HTH trains and supports patients and community members to fill key service delivery roles as community health workers, psychosocial counselors, program coordinators, custodial and clinic support staff, and rights advocates. Their involvement ensures that HTH’s programs respond directly to patient priorities. The GlobeMed chapter at MIT was drawn to HTH’s community-based approach to their grassroots health initiatives. Their partnership launches in the fall of 2012 and both HTH’s and GlobeMed at MIT’s leadership are excited to kick off project design and fundraising.

GlobeMed at MIT and Hope Through Health will jointly design a project, mobilize funds, and begin implementation in the 2012-2013 academic year.

By empowering community members, HTH sees a range of practical benefits including: decreased stigma, increased capacity and skills of local community members, greater patient engagement, increased information sharing, and higher staff motivation. Simply put, better community engagement leads to the delivery of better, more responsive health care services. GlobeMed at MIT and HTH’s joint impact will be assessed once a project is identified and implemented in the 2012-2013 academic year.

Get Involved
Donate to this cause. Interested in joining GlobeMed at MIT? Contact mit@globemed.org.

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