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GlobeMed at Oberlin College partners with Center for Community Health Promotion in Hanoi, Vietnam to support a writing competition for HIV+ men.

GlobeMed at Oberlin College + Center for Community Health Promotion

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GlobeMed at Oberlin College | Oberlin, Ohio

Center for Community Health Promotion (CHP) | Hanoi, Vietnam

Key Fact
A third of intravenous drug users in Vietnam are HIV positive. Amongst all HIV positive cases, almost two–thirds have a history of intravenous drug use.

“We work to improve quality of life of the most vulnerable populations in Vietnam. We believe that GlobeMed will help us achieve our objectives through bringing its expertise and innovative approach. We believe that we will learn from working with different partners.”
– Pham Thi My Dung, CHP staff member

About the Partnership
Center for Community Health Promotion (CHP) is a nonprofit non–governmental organization founded in 2006 by the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations. Based in Hanoi, Vietnam, they work for lasting improvement of the well being of people through initiatives in health care, health education, environment, and policy advocacy. Over the past two years, CHP has focused on establishing twenty self help groups of HIV+ intravenous drug users in 3 provinces of North Vietnam, effectively providing training workshops, education, harm reduction materials, and a new voice in their communities. This year CHP is collaborating with GlobeMed at Oberlin College to provide life skills workshops to the children of these self help groups in order to battle the stigma and discrimination they face in their daily lives.

The children in CHP’s established self help groups are strongly affected by HIV/AIDS. They face daily discrimination in their communities, leading to both physical and mental health problems. To improve the well being of these children, CHP will conduct life skills workshops to teach the children how to be confident, speak publicly, and gain a voice in their communities. They will also provide emergency support for the most disadvantaged and neglected children.

GlobeMed at Oberlin College is aiming to raise $5,000 to provide life skills classes and emergency support to children of intravenous drug users (IDU) who are HIV+ from the mountainous regions of North Vietnam by May 2014. These classes will teach the children how to speak publicly, show confidence, and gain a voice in their communities. In emergency cases, funds will be used to remove the children from situations of danger and negligence and into a safe space.

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