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GlobeMed at Princeton University partners with Medical AIDS Outreach (MAO) to bring high quality HIV services to rural Alabama.

GlobeMed at Princeton University + Medical AIDS Outreach


GlobeMed at Princeton University | Princeton, New Jersey

Medical AIDS Outreach | Montgomery, Alabama, USA

Key Fact
99.5% of people on waiting lists for the AIDS Drug Assistance Programs live in the South.

“To be sure, fighting for global health equity is not something we can do from the sidelines. We need to take action.”
– Cornelia Lluberes ’14 and Amy Li ’14, Princeton University

About the Partnership
Founded in 2010, GlobeMed at Princeton works with Medical AIDS Outreach (MAO) in Montgomery, Alabama. MAO is a private, nonprofit, community-based AIDS service organization covering 26 counties of South Central Alabama. Since its establishment in 1987, MAO has provided HIV treatment, education, and outreach. MAO covers about a third of Alabama’s geography, most of which are very poor and rural counties. Together, GlobeMed at Princeton and MAO work to establish and develop a high-tech solution to America’s need for healthcare. In developing a network of telemedicine clinics that will connect HIV patients throughout rural Alabama to medical experts based in Alabama’s urban centers, they help ensure that Alabama’s rural residents have the access to care that they deserve.

GlobeMed at Princeton supports Alabama eHealth: Access to Care Initiative, a project that constructs and implements cutting edge telemedicine clinics throughout rural Alabama. These clinics provide rural residents with much-needed access to HIV/AIDS medical care.

GlobeMed at Princeton aims to raise $4,000 to support Medical AIDS Outreach’s eHealth: Access to Care Initiative, the establishment and expansion of a telecommunication network for HIV/AIDS patients living in rural Alabama. The telemedicine clinics allow patients to have doctor’s visits through live video connection and save on transportation costs for both patients and medical professionals. The rural South has remarkably high rates of HIV/AIDS, and GlobeMed at Princeton and Medical AIDS Outreach hope for this model framework to carry over to other neighboring states.

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