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GlobeMed at Penn State partners with ACUDESBAL in Bajo Lempa, El Salvador to provide community and cultural programs for the regions' youth.

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Key Fact
Bajo Lempa is a young, resilient community, developed just after the end of El Salvador’s civil war in 1990.

About the Partnership
GlobeMed at Penn State partners with ACUDESBAL, a grassroots organization working with 29 communities in Bajo Lempa, El Salvador. ACUDESBAL formed in 1998 on the idea that the strength of a community working together is the way to achieve social, economic, political, and environmental justice. All of these are an important part of Bajo Lempa’s history of civil war and devastating natural disasters.

ACUDESBAL focuses on five strategic areas: institutional strengthening, food sovereignty, infrastructure and legalization of land, health and environment, recreation and sports culture. They work with communities to help plan and implement realistic and sustainable solutions. With the majority of the nearly 9,000 people in Bajo Lempa living in poverty, ACUDESBAL plays a vital role in the health and wellbeing of the Bajo Lempa population.

“The Summit is a breeding ground for fresh, innovative global health ideas that stem from the minds of passionate students all across the nation. The copious knowledge acquired and long-lasting friendships formed cultivate a feeling that makes significant change not only possible, but tangible.”
– Matt O’Donnell, Pennsylvania State University ’12

This project aims to support the youth of the Bajo Lempa Region. They are one of the most vulnerable group affected by the social phenomena linked to crime and criminality in the country.

This project seeks to develop a sports process in which more than 800 young men and women pursue the goal of harmonizing the coexistence of young people through football.

It will also strengthen the school of music, and continue to support centers of child welfare. The aim is to help improve children’s quality of life through increased sanitary and food conditions.

GlobeMed at Penn State aims to raise $15,000 to support over 800 youth of Bajo Lempa, El Salvador through recreational and educational programs. These include a football program and music program, which seek to harmonize the coexistence of young people and reduce violence in the communities of Bajo Lempa.

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