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GlobeMed at Rhodes College partners with AMOS to enhance the health of rural populations in Nicaragua by providing them access to potable water.

GlobeMed at Rhodes College + AMOS

GlobeMed at Rhodes

GlobeMed at Rhodes College | Memphis, Tennessee

A Ministry of Sharing Health and Hope (AMOS) | Managua, Nicaragua

Key Fact
Only 60% of the people in Nicaragua have access to potable water. In rural areas, which comprise 44% of the population, access is much worse.

“The opportunity to actively participate in projects I’ve heard about for so long, like the water filters, was surreal; the fact that I get to bring my experience back home to energize my chapter is exhilarating.”
– Carolyn Lamere, Rhodes College ’12

About the Partnership
AMOS was founded in 2006 by two physicians determined to improve the health of marginalized people in rural areas of Nicaragua. The organization implements community-based primary health care to increase health care coverage in areas with limited services. AMOS’s model enables communities in rural Nicaragua to develop sustainable health care systems. The organization trains health workers in rural communities to manage and run their own community clinics, preventing common illnesses and addressing the root causes of poor health.

GlobeMed at Rhodes College strives to promote health equity by partnering with AMOS, a grassroots organization in Nicaragua. AMOS is dedicated to enhancing the health of families in rural Nicaragua, and teaches community members how to create their own sustainable health care system. The GlobeMed chapter at Rhodes fundraises over $10,000 a year to help AMOS buy Bio Water Filtration Systems and provide individuals with access to clean, potable water.

GlobeMed at Rhodes College aims to raise $5,000 this year to support AMOS in enhancing the health of people in rural Nicaragua by implementing, sustaining, and improving water filtration systems.

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Read GlobeMed at Rhodes College’s annual report and donate to their cause. Interested in joining the chapter? Contact rhodes@globemed.org.

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