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GlobeMed at UW-Madison partners with the Cambodian Organization for Women's Support to promote healthy and dignified living of marginalized people in Kampong Thom, Cambodia.

GlobeMed at the University of Wisconsin - Madison + COWS

GlobeMed at the University of Wisconsin – Madison | Madison, Wisconsin

Cambodian Organization for Women’s Support (COWS) | Kampong Thom, Cambodia

Key Fact
Seventy-seven percent of the rural population in Cambodia do not have access to a latrine on a regular basis.

“I hope your university and my organization will have good relationship, close cooperation and become a strong partner by sending your students as representatives to work with my organization. Once again, I thanks for your collaboration and being my organizational partner.”
– In Sophat, Program Coordinator at COWS

About the Partnership
The Cambodian Organization for Women’s Support (COWS) is a non-governmental organization founded in 1993 by a group of five women who recognized that women were unable to voice their needs within the restraining social structure. These founding mothers felt a great need for support and advocacy on behalf of Cambodian women and other disadvantaged populations. Today, COWS oversees a staff of 21 members and has been a respected NGO within the Kampong Thom district for 20 years. COWS strives to empower vulnerable populations to be self-reliant and achieve a better quality of life. COWS provides essential services for the communities they live and interact with, and they have projects in small business training, conservation, food security, good governance (human rights education), and reproductive health. GlobeMed at UW-Madison’s current project with COWS aims to improve hygienic practices and lower the risk of disease caused by poor sanitation through installing latrines and implementing an educational campaign centered around healthy hygienic practices in rural villages of the Prasat Balang district. Since 2011, GlobeMed at UW-Madison has raised over $25,000 to support COWS’ projects.

The Rural Family Sanitation project will provide poor families in three villages of Prasat Balang, Kampong Thom, Cambodia with easy latrines through IDE. The project will also consist of a sanitation education campaign to ensure that villagers understand sanitary practices and the importance of using latrines. This will be implemented holding a large community training by IDE within the village to educate on maintenance of latrines and the importance of sanitation and its practices. To ensure a full understanding of the significance of sanitation, two Village Health Volunteers in each village will hold three village meetings in the month after the large IDE training to further disseminate information.

GlobeMed at UW-Madison aims to raise $18,000 to improve sanitary practices of poor families living in the Prasat Balang District of Kampong Thom, Cambodia. The project will install 100 latrines and implement a large group educational campaign centered on safe sanitation in each village. The project will provide families with a better understanding of sanitation to promote changes in practice toward healthier personal hygiene.

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  1. 2011-2012 Annual Report

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