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GlobeMed at Vanderbilt University partners with Dios es Amor in la Tablada de Lurin and Paracas, Peru to provide community-based healthcare.

GlobeMed at Vanderbilt University + Dios es Amor

GlobeMed at Vanderbilt University | Nashville, Tennessee

Dios es Amor | Lima, Peru

Key Fact
Approximately 5.3 million people in Peru don’t have access to safe water and another 9.2 million don’t have access to improved sanitation services. Out of a population of about 29,076,500 people, 34.8% of Peruvians are under the poverty line.

“After countless late night chats with Mili ranging from topics of global health to our favorite foods, going out dancing with Moises and Esteban, and traveling with Violeta, it was clear our connection with Dios es Amor had become more than a partnership, it had become a friendship. The cultivation of this relationship with our partner is going to be the driving force behind the success of our chapter for years to come.”
– Daniela Isaza, Vanderbilt University ’13

About the Partnership
Founded in 1970, Dios es Amor is a community-based NGO outside of Lima, Peru that has become an incredible model of effective community-centered grassroots health organizing. Their areas of focus include health, education and nutrition. Staffed by health promoters and nurses from the community, Dios es Amor implements several initiatives throughout the La Tablada de Lurin community and other cities in Peru including recycling programs, education forums for elderly patients and adults, after school tutoring in conjunction with meal programs for youth in the area, and a home for boys in the community. Since Fall 2010, the GlobeMed chapter at Vanderbilt has raised over $15,500 to help fund the construction of a waiting room for a new rural health clinic being built by Dios es Amor in Las Antillas de Paracas, Peru.

This year, GlobeMed at Vanderbilt has raised over $10,000 to fund Dios es Amor’s ongoing construction of the new clinic that will help bring health care to 100 families in Las Antillas de Paracas, Peru, an area that was devastated by a large-scale earthquake and disastrous tsunami in 2007.

A portion of this funding will also be used to help Dios es Amor obtain equipment to expand their recycling program, which helps to create jobs and income for their organization and those residing in la Tablada de Lurin. This machinery will be used to convert different recyclable materials into crafts that can be sold for profit. Items that will be purchased include a glass cutter and a machine to flatten plastic bottles.

Over time, GlobeMed at Vanderbilt and Dios es Amor hope to improve the quality of care in the  Las Antillas de Paracas region through a holistic approach that provides sustainable, reliable sources of healthcare for many years.

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Read GlobeMed at Vanderbilt’s annual report and donate to their cause. Interested in joining the chapter? Contact vanderbilt@globemed.org.

  1. 2010-2011 Annual Report
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