Summer Intern Series: Evette Escobar

Major: Communications Studies
Year: DePaul ‘18
Hometown: Belvidere, IL

What is your story?
I grew up in Belvidere, IL, a small town north of Chicago. After I a lot of consideration, I decided to stay close to home and go to school at DePaul University in the busy city of Chicago. I figured that this shift of environment would be good for me considering that Belvidere is more slow-paced and predominantly white. I felt like I truly couldn’t be myself there. I studied Communication Studies with a focus on Latino Media and Communication while also minoring in Women’s and Gender Studies. As a college student, I participated in DePaul Alliance of Latinx Empowerment (DALE) and Queer People of Color at DePaul (QPOC). I have also participated in Taekwondo for more than half of my life, and I simply could not leave that behind. While these spaces aren’t perfect, I am so grateful for being able to find communities in Chicago that have allowed me to embrace each and every one of my identities.

What personal significance does GlobeMed’s mission bring to you?
Although global health was not my focus of study, GlobeMed has a lot to offer. I especially appreciate GlobeMed’s dedication to collaboration. In order to achieve GlobeMed’s goal, global health, GlobeMed aims to empower both students and grassroots organizations to work together to create change. Feminist scholar Barbara Smith states coalition building, “…connects the hard work of knowing ourselves to the even more difficult task of working with others across difference.” Often times people are afraid reach out or ask for help due to cultural differences and due to their different life experiences. People are often times fixated on things that set them apart from others, which results in isolation. GlobeMed is a powerful force that unites different groups of people from across the globe to achieve a shared goal. GlobeMed is constantly showing me all of the things that we can achieve through collaboration.

What’s your role at Global Headquarters this summer?
One of my main projects include redesigning the website to make it more efficient and attractive. I will also be working on organizing the resource vault, and collecting stories and other content for GlobeMed’s 2018 Annual Report!

Do you know what you’d like to do in the future?
I very recently graduated this June, the weekend right before this internship! I am very excited to finally be involved in Chicago, and I am looking forward to doing more volunteer work and organizing with grassroots here in Chicago.

I will also be attending CISPES’s 2018 Radical Roots Delegation in El Salvador in July, which is an opportunity for young people who are part of the Central American Diaspora (like myself) to connect with El Salvador’s culture, revolutionary history, and to learn directly from social movement leaders about the current realities in El Salvador. Most of my research at DePaul focused on storytelling and the Salvadoran diaspora, so I am very excited to do more research on this outside of school!

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