Frequently Asked Questions


I am a student. How do I get involved?

Membership in GlobeMed chapters is available to undergraduates of any major or background. If you are interested in global health and social justice, we encourage you to contact an existing GlobeMed chapter at your university about joining, or apply to found a chapter on your campus.

I am a leader of a grassroots health organization. How do I partner with GlobeMed?

We partner with established, high-impact organizations already transforming the health of their communities. Information for prospective partner organizations can be viewed here, including eligibility criteria and a timeline for the application and selection process.

How does the GlobeMed partnership model work?

We pair each GlobeMed chapter with a unique organization already improving the health of its community. Year after year, these students and grassroots leaders collaborate on projects that deepen and expand the organization’s impact. The result: organizations with a greater capacity to serve their community and a generation of young people equipped to transform the world. View our approach to learn more about our process.

What actions do you take to ensure quality, results and integrity of the funds donated to GlobeMed chapters?

100% of the funds raised by GlobeMed university chapters go towards their partner
organizations. Chapters and partners communicate twice a month, which allows for ongoing
accountability about funds donated. Partner organizations submit reports to their
GlobeMed chapter about the impact of the projects being supported. During GROW (Grassroots On-site Work), students travel on-site in the summer to the partner organization. Together, students, partners, and

Is GlobeMed a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization? Is my donation tax-deductible?

GlobeMed is a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit incorporated in Illinois. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the law. GlobeMed chapters do not share the tax-exempt status of the national organization; however you can make a tax-deductible donations directly to a chapter by searching for the GlobeMed Chapter on Razoo or GlobalGiving.


What types of students get involved with GlobeMed?

Solving the challenges of global health demands an interdisciplinary approach. That’s why students with every background, skill and passion have a role to play in global health. Are you a journalist? A filmmaker? A future doctor? A computer scientist? We need you. Bring your open mind, unique talents, and boldest vision to the table. We’re excited to meet you!.

Do GlobeMed chapters and partners solely focus on medicine and medical care?

Absolutely not. Improving health goes far beyond expanding access to quality healthcare. To improve health, we need to ensure that all people have access not only to care when they get sick, but also to basic rights like clean water, nutritious food, a safe home, and sufficient economic resources.

These pillars, which help keep people out of clinics and in good health, are the issues we address through our partnerships. Our partner organizations include youth centers and agricultural co-ops, and our projects support initiatives ranging from constructing latrines to launching community gardens to training community health workers. A world in which all people have the chance not only to survive but thrive — that’s true health, and our guiding vision

What types of projects do GlobeMed chapters support?

GlobeMed-supported projects are split across six key areas of impact: Nutrition, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Communicable Disease Prevention, Income Generation, Maternal and Reproductive Health, and Capacity-Building. Projects are determined and implemented by our partner organizations in response to their community or organizational needs. View basic project criteria here.

What does the GlobeMed logo symbolize?

The two distinct lines represent the two integral components of the GlobeMed network: our students and our partners. These lines converge to symbolize GlobeMed chapters and partner organizations coming together to form a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

What is GlobeMed’s relationship with Northwestern University?

GlobeMed has an independent student-led chapter that operates on Northwestern’s undergraduate campus. Founded in 2007 at Northwestern University by a group of Northwestern undergraduates, GlobeMed’s Global Headquarters is located in Evanston, IL. GlobeMed is grateful for its partnership with Northwestern University, through which it is able to leverage resources to create education and training programs for students as well as better inform our project efforts in communities around the world