Global Headquarters Staff

A team of full-time and student staff work day-to-day to support and advance the organization’s work and operations. The GlobeMed Global Headquarters provides chapter advising, support and training; platforms for best practice sharing and collaboration; annual network-wide global health and leadership development conferences; and partner recruitment, selection, matching, and evaluation.

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Priya Fremerman

Executive Director


Elizabeth White

Managing Director

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Carolina Escobar

Programs Manager

Chapter Advisors

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Kavita Athalye
Southeast Region

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Deepika Khanna
Midwest/Southwest Region

Chapter Advisor Headshots-Gloria Wowolo.jpg

Gloria Wowolo
Northeast Region

Chapter Advisor Headshots-Lydia Stump.jpg

Lydia Stump
Midwest/Southwest Region

Chapter Advisor Headshots-Bhavana Suvarna.jpg

Bhavana Suvarna
Northeast Region

Chapter Advisor Headshots-Sricharan Navuluri .jpg

Sri Navuluri
West Region