Leadership Practices

Captured in Uganda, courtesy of University of Southern California GROW interns (2017).

Captured in Uganda, courtesy of University of Southern California GROW interns (2017).

GlobeMed believes that 21st century leaders for global health require a strong set of competencies. To address the world’s biggest challenges, we need a workforce of collaborative, empathetic, and strategic changemakers.

We believe effective leadership for global health requires a commitment to these six practices:

  • Dig deep: To cultivate wisdom, we approach ourselves, our communities, and the world with openness and curiosity.

  • See possibility: In all people and situations, we see the ability to learn, connect, and contribute to positive change.

  • Grow together: We accompany each other, cultivating an inclusive global community that inspires, challenges, and sustains us.

  • Build sustainably: To truly thrive in the long term, we act both to meet the needs of the present and to build towards a future vision beyond ourselves.

  • Be brave: We put mission in front of ego and fear, doing what it takes to make the change the world needs.

  • Follow through: We keep our promises and act with the highest levels of integrity and accountability.

  • Stay authentic: We let ourselves be known, remaining grounded and humble even as we aim for the boldest vision.

Through training, workshops, and continuous education, GlobeMed prepares students to disrupt systems of oppression and become lifelong advocates for global health. We equip students with the knowledge, skills, and relationships to become the next generation of global health leaders.